The mission of Make Life Happen is to teach, counsel, mentor and coach those who believe that personal growth is important for spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

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Eva L. Shaw


Eva lives with her husband in 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
She is the proud mother of two sons.

Eva, who is a Type 1 diabetic herself,  understands how diabetes affects ones everyday lifestyle.  She is an insulin pump user and was diagnosed at 7 years of age.


Registered Clinical Counsellor

Eva Shaw’s ​​​​ career, as a registered clinical counsellor, has given her many priceless experiences and opportunities. She has worked in three provinces and educated, primarily as a mature student, in both Canada and the United States. As a professional therapist she has striven to help individuals, couples, and families.  With a standard of personal and professional leadership  – she experiences  the open door to life through reading, listening, associating and sharing.

The extension of her personal and professional life is now offered to you through Make Life Happen that offers mental health counselling, and Self-Sabotage Coach

Self-Sabotage Coach

As a certified Self-Sabotage Coach (SSC) Eva Shaw is dedicated to helping people succeed, even if they’ve not done so before, or possibly they have hit a ceiliing of achievement. She is committed to teach others to learn the tools they need to become what they want to be or do. She has learned professionally but also through her own ‘real life experience’.

In 2018, Eva was honored as a lifetime member with the America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals for leadership, achievement and dedication in the counselling and services industry.

As a volunteer she enjoys supporting an 18 year old girl Marry who resides in the Phillipines. This is through Compassion Canada.

She supports the Warriors of War counselling program for families in the military.

She has been a volunteer coordinator of the Alpha program where people come to ask questions about the Christian experience. She has taken part in this service for 5 years.

The Butterfly Flies

On February 9, 2018, CUTV, radio in New York City conducted a live show interview with Eva by reporter, Doug Llewelyn who is the host on the TV show, Judge Judy. Eva’s newest book, ‘The Butterfly Flies,’ was announced at that time. The book is available on Eva’s website and on amazon, and barnes and noble. The Empowering Professionals Magazine featured Eva and Make Life Happen in the March, 2018 issue.

Bold Brave Media, a digital radio station, invited Eva to host her own live weekly talk show and can be heard on boldbravemedia.com on Friday mornings at 9 a.m. GMT and 11 a.m. EST. Topics are about self-sabotage behaviour illustrated through her life experiences. Call in with questions or email questions/comments to Eva at eshaw@makelifehappen.info. And they will be addressed on the show. If you are a past or present client, please be assured your confidentiality will be upheld.

The Butterfly Flies!!!!

So as I have promised, I wrote a book called 'The Butterfly Flies'.  It is a powerful read where I have put relatable incidents and times in my life to learn from.  The Butterfly journey and my life journey reflect.  Well, it has been over a year since it went to the...

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Make Life Happen and Eva L. Shaw are featured in the Empowering Professionals magazine - March edition.  You can view the article here: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=350fa69ea0&view=att&th=16224e6df35c285a&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw

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NEW things Coming!

I have been away for a while.  I was in Las Vegas having fun and in a training as my new website was being built and now I have to learn how to use it!!! Wonderful things are coming.  'The Butterfly Flies' is almost on the book shelves, also available in e-book. ...

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Eva has partnered with My Online Business Education or MOBE as a Platinum Consultant.  This opens doors to those who are seeking a business venture where they can work from home or anywhere because all that is needed is a laptop and Wifi.

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