Spring is here!  What is new in your life?  I have recently finished writing my book and it is now in the hands of the publisher.  I am hoping it will be on bookshelves by my birthday, which is July 6. Notice, that is my wish and not a promise, however, that would be a wonderful birthday present.

People are asking where did I get the title for my book.  Well, I have always been fascinated with butterflies.  They represent freedom to me.  And they are so very beautiful.  There is nothing more special to me than watching a butterfly as it flies from leaf to leaf and explores all as it goes.  Nothing holds it back.  It is beautiful inside and out.  The title came from my desire and journey of becoming free.  Free from childhood abuse, divorce issues and so much more.  Folks have said to me that I have had a ‘hard’ life.  My thinking on that is that I have had, and still do have, a journey worth living – as I consistently learn. I enter each day with thanksgiving for the freedom God gives to me.  I find joy in giving and helping others.

The book is fashioned after my own life experiences.  It has taken me a lifetime to collect the information and my prayer is that someone, somewhere will be able to identify and find healing as I have.  The book can be read cover to cover, or just pick a chapter that interests you.

It is written simply and clearly so that everyone can enjoy.  It is an easy read packed full of encouragement.

As the next few months go by I will be posting the progress.  The editing has, so far, passed through 10 editors hands and I have made improvements as suggested. It is back with them now.  I expect to hear more shortly.  Writing and having a book published is an awesome experience.  People have asked me when will I write my next one.  That may or may not happen.  I haven’t decided yet.  The response to this book will probably determine that outcome.

Have a great day and be blessed!