The blog site was down for quite some time and so I got behind in the updates to do with my book.

The Butterfly Flies

  • The editors are still working on the book. Yesterday I Sent them the last additions. One addition is from a client who wrote an article on her experience leaving a domestic violence marriage of 43 years. Her story is powerful. I have to read the book over and over – in part and in whole. Can you imagine reading about your life experiences again and again. I am trying to not be too picky as I want to write it as I thought it not as picture perfect.

My desire is to have it out for my birthday which is July 6.  Not sure of the timeline at this moment.  Other than the publishers are very efficient in their work.  The cover is finished by an artist I hired to do the cover.  I think it is just awesome, but of course I am a little prejudiced.  The picture is of a butterfly being released.

Stay with me as we come to the finish line.