That is a very good question.  A little update.  My 96 year old mother passed away in July and I miss her terribly.  I have had to take time to celebrate her wonderful life and stay in touch with my own feelings.  I was with her when she passed and was so glad I was able to be there.

I took a week holiday this week away from the office as a mental health week for me.  It has been good, but passing very quickly.

I enjoy the time with my clients and work about 3.5 days a week in direct service.  I am privileged to hear personal stories that no one else can hear.  Yes, many are full of pain but there are many victories. I teach that personal growth brings success.  I live by this, believe it to be true and teach it daily to all who will listen.

My next post will be about new things at ‘Make Life Happen’.