I have been away for a while.  I was in Las Vegas having fun and in a training as my new website was being built and now I have to learn how to use it!!!

Wonderful things are coming.  ‘The Butterfly Flies’ is almost on the book shelves, also available in e-book.  Final approval is happening and so only a little while longer, like a FEW days!  I know I have been saying that for quite some time but I am not in charge of all things, one being the publishing.  I hope when I announce it that you will quickly take action a purchase it from my website. Visit my fan page called The Butterfly Flies on Facebook.

BBM Radio – Bold Brave Media has approached me and I have accepted a contract with them to host a live call in talk show called Make Life Happen. The first 24 shows will be featuring my book topics and discussion on self-sabotage behaviour.  It will be a 1x a week show.  Not sure of day or time yet for broadcast. I will be training for a month and then the show will begin.  I anticipate the first of April.  Hopefully not April fools day 🙂

Last but not least I am venturing into the world of Online Business Education. The reason I chose to do this is that so many of my clients have talked to me about their dis-satisfaction in the workplace.  My focus is with small business and entrepreneurs.  You can work anywhere in the world, travel and make money while doing it all.  It is known that small business keeps our economy healthy and also sustains the economy when things get tough.  I like to call this the laptop business because all you need is a computer and wifi. Training is included.  So far I went to Las Vegas with the company.  I was treated like royalty and came away totally filled with enthusiasm and encouraged to help other folks do the same.  You can work part time or full time depending upon what your goals are.  I have incorporated this into my other ventures of business.  So now, Make Life Happen is counselling, coaching and consulting.  Visit facebook fan page at EvaLShaw @ SHAWEL

AND you can see my brand new website and Logo MakeLifeHappen.info  The logo is a model butterfly and my new colour is blue as ‘The Butterfly Flies’ was influenced by the movie, ‘The Blue Butterfly.’

This is a long post, because I haven’t talked to you for quite some time.   STAY TUNED!