So as I have promised, I wrote a book called ‘The Butterfly Flies’.  It is a powerful read where I have put relatable incidents and times in my life to learn from.  The Butterfly journey and my life journey reflect.  Well, it has been over a year since it went to the publisher and I have gotten two books to review and approve for release -and- twice I have gotten a book with a defective back cover and I had to turn it down.  This has been heart breaking as I so want to have it released.  Next week it is supposed to be fixed and then once again I will receive a copy to approve.  Hopefully I CAN approve it.

Tomorrow I start training for the ‘Make Life Happen’ live radio talk show that I will be hosting.  After the training 3-5 weeks from now the show will be live on BBM, Bold Brave Media, and as soon as I know the show day and times I will let you know here. You can call in and talk to me too.  It is a weekly show and I will be addressing self-sabotage issues in life and talking about my book which hopefully will then be available.

It is looking more like spring all the time and I am looking forward to spending lots of time this year May to end Sept. at the new trailer I purchased and parked at the lake.  I will be writing and enjoying when I am there.  I still see private clients in my office and the plan is for 3 days a week in the summer and then spending 4 days a week at the lake and doing other things.  We will see how this plan progresses, but I sure am looking forward to spring.  It has been a cold, long winter here in North Central Alberta.  We still have lots of snow on the ground and it sounds like the weather man thinks more is coming.  Hopefully it won’t stay long.


Make Life Happens has a new arm.  I have partnered with a company in franchise, to do online educational marketing. I positioned as a Platinum consultant.  It is an awesome business and open to anyone who is serious about becoming a small business owner or entrepreneur.  You can work your own hours and as many or as few as you want to – it is your business and the goals are yours.  There is a small investment to start, $49.00 to take the 21 steps to introduce you to the business and all the facets of it.  I did the 21 steps in 2 months while working full time.  You can also be working and starting your own business too.  I like to call it a laptop business because all you need is a laptop and wifi and you are set to go.  You can work a few hours each day while travelling, at home or anywhere.  I went to Las Vegas to a conference in February and heard amazing stories of folks who had lost their jobs, hated their job, others wanted a nest-egg for retirement and on and on. Work in business = success. My story is one of just wanting to help others and to do something really fun and inspirational.  PLEASE – Go to my facebook fan page:  http://facebook.evalshaw@SHAWEL and go to the learn more button and hear the story of one of the presenters I got to know while in Las Vegas.  Carolina is her name..fabulous story and life she has built through her own laptop business as she travels the world.


Take care and nice talking to you once again!   Please leave me a comment, questions or reflection.  Eva