I write for marriage.com and am a verified expert.

I am a member of Poem Hunters and have 29 published poems and an e-book.

I am a featured writer with Womanition and was featured in the magazine in October, 2015.

I am a featured writer in the Divorce.com magazine.

I am a co-author of the book called ‘Mentoring Women Leaders.

Author – 2018 of  Book ‘The Butterfly Flies’.

2018  E-Book – Carrer Rescue Plan

The Divorce Symposium was a success!

Over 200 people attended to get information on legal, counselling, real estate and much more.  I was a table presenter and it was exciting to meet 8 tables of people and to tell my story and some shared theirs. Hearing about the umbrella of grief and loss from...

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Happy New Year, 2017!

I am feeling very blessed as I leave 2016 behind and enter into a new year.  2016 brought personal growth and many experiences.  Looking forward 2017 will be exciting and awesome! To bring you up to date a little:  February 4, 2017, I am speaking at the first ever...

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do! – DIVORCE symposium

I will be taking part in a Divorce Symposium at Northlands Colliseum, Edmonton, Alberta, February 4, 2017.   as an expert table presenter on the emotional impact of divorce. If you are experiencing separation and divorce or need information regarding divorce there...

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Marriage Counselling and Conflict Resolution

Marriage Counselling and Conflict Working with couples is difficult, in that, they often come to a marriage counsellor after the affair, when they are already separated, when troubles have been brewing for years, or when divorce is currently pending.  They come when...

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Please go to this site.  I have just been approved as an expert writer.  See my profile page. This website is awesome and will be very helpful to those needing marriage counselling.

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Separation and Divorce to New Beginnings

Separation and Divorce to New Beginnings   Personally, I married young and soon thereafter two children arrived.  When they were five and eight years old, their father announced he was going to leave and there was no turning back. He was the sole financial provider in...

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Relationships that Last

Relationships that Last ‘Going to the Chapel and We’re Gonna get Married’ is a popular song that has been recorded by many artists including the Beach Boys. Some of the lines say, ‘And we’ll never be lonely anymore.’ Because ‘we are going to the chapel to get...

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FREE the JOY – in Edmonton, AB, Canada

NEW & awesome! -  A GROUP FOR WOMEN ONLY! A GROUP FOR WOMEN ONLY! Come Learn Together!  Women Helping Women – how awesome! Facilitated by Make Life Happen Counselling and Coaching MY LIFE IS MINE & YES I WILL - Become the best ‘ME’ possible Facilitator:  Eva L. Shaw,...

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Upcoming Seminars in Edmonton

I will be announcing my seminars/workshops in late August/ September for the fall.  If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter please send me your email to evalshaw50@gmail.com.  That way you get all of the updates. A sneek peek at some titles: Are you a Rascal?...

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